Duran Duran To Perform Live In Second Life


According to BBC News, Duran Duran is set to perform live concerts on their very own virtual island in Second Life. With more than 370,000 people subscribed to the game, it is hoped that the new medium might also attract new fans. Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes says, “When the video revolution began we instantly saw the opportunity to experiment and explore a new form of expression to enhance the musical experience. Second Life is the future right now, offering endless possibilities for artists.” Avatars for the band members have been commissioned but they have not been released.

In order to “perform” in Second Life, the artist streams live content to a Shoutcast or Icecast server, mapping the location to a parcel of land in-game. Anyone who enters the area will automatically hear the stream. It’s assumed that band members will be logged into the game to chat with the crowd between songs, and even take requests if they’re so inclined.

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