Dying Light Expansion The Following Demonstrated in Techland Stream

Techland showed fifteen minutes of gameplay footage from the upcoming expansion to Dying Light, The Following, and answered questions from fans about it during a recent livestream.

As seen in a recording of the livestream posted to the Dying Light YouTube channel, the Following will introduce a large, countryside region to the game. Its plot, which takes place shortly after the events of Dying Light, revolves around the protagonist Kyle Crane investigating some kind of sun goddess worshipping cult rumored to have an immunity to the zombie plague.

The gameplay demonstration featured a lot of new elements being introduced in The Following. Combat focus is being “shifted a little bit” in favor of firearms, and a new submachine gun was used. Crossbows, the weapon most requested by fans according to the developers, are also being added. Bolts for the crossbow have a chance of surviving impact and may be retrieved after use to conserve ammo.

Central to the DLC is the inclusion of a buggy, used to travel the rather spacious environment. This vehicle will have upgrade and modification options, but in the demo shown here it’s merely used in a checkpoint based sequence in an active quest. In a Q&A session following the demo, the devs confirmed that the buggy will be available for night use and indicated that UV headlamps would be an available upgrade.

No release date has yet been provided for The Following, with Techland unwilling to say anything more definite than “soon.”

Source: YouTube

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