Today, The Escapist was attacked by a crazed collection of E-Bots that seem to have but one goal in mind: to destroy all that battle them in Genre Wars.

The robots appear in the form of enemy factions and are ready to do battle at any time, day or night. Even if the field of battle is void of any human opponents, the bots will be there, lurking, waiting to attack any that would stand in their way.

The robots are growing stronger by the minute, but the motivation behind their attack are, at the moment, unclear. One brave Escapist who survived a run-in with them claims to have heard them uttering the following:

We will never retreat! Our armies are plentiful, relentless, and always ready for battle. Even our weakest soldier will fight to the end. We must prepare the way for our glorious supreme leader!

Speculation as to the identity of this “supreme leader” remains mixed.

The Escapist needs your help to defend its digital shores from this E-Bot invasion. If you are up for the challenge, take on the hardest of these evil E-Bots and see how you fare against these nightmare mutations.

Prepare your army and enter the field of battle at

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