Everyone’s favorite homicidal computer, GLaDOS, will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade and bringing new Portal levels with her.

John Schappert took a moment from his time during Microsoft’s press conference to tell the crowd that a “special guest” had an announcement about a new game coming to Xbox Live Arcade. The lights dimmed, and GLaDOS’ familiar, ever so slightly disapproving voice simply said, “Hello.”

Cue crowd going apeshit.

GLaDOS informed us that Portal Still Alive, featuring new levels and achievements,would be coming exclusively to Xbox Live this fall.

Shortly after her announcement, Eric Cartman piped up to let us know that a South Park title would also soon be landing on Live. Well, technically,he just asked if they could get back to playing games, already – we inferred the rest.

Given the tendency of South Park games to suck rather a lot, I’m not exactly jumping up and down about the announcement of a new one, but more Portal? Oh, hell, yeah.

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