The Escapist staff is at E3 ’10 in full force, with instant on-the-spot E3 tweets (or “twE3ts”). Looks like Bobby Kotick and friends throw one hell of a party.

The Escapist staff is at E3 in full force this week, and you can expect as much in-depth coverage as we can manage: News, impressions, live-blogs of the press conferences, videos, hands-on previews – you name it, we’re gonna try to do it. But writing good, in-depth pieces takes time, and if you’re all as starved for the latest hotness out of E3 2010 as we are, it’s only natural to feel a bit impatient.

Well, that’s what Twitter is for. Writing a message in 140 characters or less takes much less time than writing a full-length piece.

Almost all of our E3 Away Team is armed with Twitter – Susan Arendt, Greg Tito, and Russ Pitts – and following them is a good way to make sure you’re getting all of the latest news (and silly hijinx) that are coming out of Los Angeles this week.

Yesterday, the big events were the Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft press conferences, as well as Activision’s big party. What say you, Escapist editors?

Microsoft gave me a redesigned XBox 360 for my birthday, which is awfully sweet of them. I still think Kinect Adventure looks lame. Susan Arendt

Bulletstorm dialog: “You scared the dick off me!” Susan Arendt

Games I’m most stoked about from EA’s briefing: Need for Speed and Dead Space 2 Susan Arendt

Rez 2? I may have kittens,I’m so goddamn excited!!! Susan Arendt

Dear Activision: you didn’t have to work this hard. I already wanted to play DJ Hero 2. Susan Arendt

EA presser was impressive. The Old Republic trailer actually got me excited before I remembered that the game wasn’t fun. Greg Tito

Tony hawk is about to shred. Greg Tito

Due to technical difficulties, there was a serious lack of shredding. Greg Tito

Holy shit. The staples center just exploded with PYROTECHNICS. Ya dude. CoD Black Ops trailer synched up to real explosions. Greg Tito

Critical mass at Activision party has been reached … About an hout ago. The crowd is thinning, probably on a search for blow and/or booty. Greg Tito

Activision #e3 party is absolutely nuts. I’m inside and still no idea yet who the musical acts are. Russ Pitts

Witheld bonuses can pay for a pretty sweet party. #activision #e3 Russ Pitts

What? Too soon? #activision #e3 #witheldbonusparty Russ Pitts

So, what have we learned? Susan Arendt had a great birthday (happy birthday, Susan!), and apparently Activision knows how to party hard. Very, very hard. Just don’t ask where the money came from.

Today is our first day on the show floor, so keep an eye on the Twitter feed – we might just catch something cool in 140 (or less) characters.

Keep track of our E3 2010 coverage here.

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