inFamous‘s Cole did just fine for himself by controlling electricity alone, but apparently his powers in the sequel will freeze his enemies with more than fear.

Let’s face it, inFamous hero Cole MacGrath was a pretty cool guy, whether he was roasting civilians or saving them from evil trash men. The entire first game was based around the expansion of Cole’s electricity powers, but the sequel’s E3 trailer now shows those powers might expand to another element.

He’ll still be climbing up buildings and jumping from rooftop to rooftop, but Sucker Punch has strapped a new weapon to his back that looks like a pretty lethal front fork of a motorcycle when charged with current. Is that all? Nope.

Even though Cole says that “some shit never changes,” the end of the trailer shows Cole standing amongst an area frozen by ice. Yeah, it looks like he’ll have ice powers to go with his electricity powers this time.

He’ll probably need them, because we also see a man named Bertrand that is successfully inciting people to rise against him. Giant monsters may or may not be dragging people into black smoke and eating them too. Hopefully they’re vulnerable to either ice or electricity, or Cole’s screwed. inFamous 2 is expected in 2011.

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