The Escapist‘s staff has taken E3 by storm and will be giving you up to the minute information regarding your favorite games all within 140 characters.

Through the futuristic Twitter we are able to get you the best information at the speed of Tweet. Thanks to Steve Butts, Susan Arendt, Mike Kayatta and Sarah LeBoeuf we are able to provide you with the best news since yesterday.

As with yesterday our fearless staff of Escapists will be maintaining their Tweets so that you don’t have to. Which means that you can sit right back and enjoy E3 instead of worrying which press conference to go to or which booths you have to hit. They are the news staff that we deserve.

So I believe that Microsoft wins for best stunt casting of a guest with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Thoughts? – Susan Arendt

It seems like Nintendo is really hot on naming everything “_____ -U.” It makes every game sound like a bad highschool/college sitcom. – Mike Kayatta

23 Wii U games being shown in this press conference! Can’t wait to see what they are. – Sarah LeBoeuf

I can honestly say I never thought Harley Quinn would be part of a Nintendo press conference. That was…odd. – Susan Arendt

I don’t think there’re enough rainbows, miis, balloons, fireworks, birds, decorative archways, or flags in Nintendoland. It feels so empty! – Mike Kayatta

I got the last cup of coffee in the media center. Crisis averted. Sarah LeBoeuf

Show me some Animal Crossing before I flip a table. – Susan Arendt

I’m kind of in love with Ni No Kuni. – Susan Arendt

So please tune in to keep abreast of all things E3 with The Escapist and its omnipresent E3 coverage.

See all our coverage directly from the E3 2012 show floor.

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