E3: Dante Finally Gets White Hair in New DMC Trailer

Devil May Cry fans have at least one thing they can stop complaining about with regards to the new DMC.

Perhaps the single biggest complaint regarding Team Ninja’s quasi-reboot of Devil May Cry was that Dante simply didn’t look like Dante anymore. He was scrawny, young, and most importantly he didn’t have white hair. Ninja Theory actually had to step in and defend the redesign from the detractors.

With the new E3 2011 trailer, however, we’ve learned that Dante will, in fact, have white hair. Well, he’ll have white hair some of the time, really – when he activates his usual Devil Trigger mode (or something very much like it), his hair turns from brownish black to a brilliant pure white, reverting once the Devil Trigger ends.

Some fans are still complaining that this breaks with canon, and that Dante was always supposed to have white hair, but part of me thinks that people who are sticklers for canon in a series about fighting demons in the most over-the-top form fashionable are kind of doing it wrong to begin with.

This trailer actually makes DMC look a lot better to me than it initially did at last year’s TGS. Ninja Theory seems to have the hyper-fast over-the-top action down pat, and it might play well even if the guy we’re playing as doesn’t, well, look like Dante anymore.

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