E3: Pikmin 3 Swarms Wii U


A decade after the original Pikmin, the little critters return.

Nintendo’s Pikmin series made its debut last generation with the GameCube. It was a unique title that is still bizarre to describe – you played a tiny space alien commanding swarms of little plant-monsters. It was part RTS, part platformer, and part puzzle game. It was also pretty awesome.

Eight years after the second Pikmin, the series is returning to the Wii U with Pikmin 3. Players will use the Wii U controller as a second screen to manage their Pikmin, splitting their attention and dividing their forces. There will be four “commanders” in the game now, and players can swap between the four with a touch. Managing resources and forces in a limited amount of time will be crucial to success.

There will be a new type of Pikmin as well – Rock Pikmin, which can be thrown to break certain types of materials. It isn’t nearly as cuddly as the rest of the Pikmin, though.

As the pet project of Nintendo’s guru Shigeru Miyamoto, Pikmin 3 will likely be one of the very first must-have games for Nintendo’s Wii U.

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