EA Adds Michael Jackson Costumes to Battlefield Heroes


Electronic Arts is commemorating the untimely passing of Michael Jackson by offering two M.J.-themed costumes in its online multiplayer FPS Battlefield Heroes.

Beginning in July, players in the Royal Army will have access to a white “Smooth Suit” styled after the one seen in the Jackson video Smooth Criminal, while those in the National Army will be able to run around in the leather-and-buckles “Thuggin’ Outfit” similar to the one worn in the video for Bad. Jackson, of course, died suddenly on June 25 at the age of 50; the cause of his death has not yet been determined.

There was some confusion and controversy over EA’s apparent cash-in on the singer’s death, as it initially appeared that the publisher was planning to charge for the costumes. But EA has since clarified that both costumes will be available to all players at no charge.

Running around a pseudo-Second World War battlefield dressed up like Michael Jackson may seem a bit strange but the game is hardly what you’d call a historically accurate simulation. Other optional costumes available in the game, for which you will pay money, include cowboy hats, pinstripe suits, a pirate outfit, kilts and more. Hard to argue that Jackson’s appearance isn’t just a little bit odd, though. And wouldn’t it have made more sense to give players the same duds he wore in Moonwalker?

Source: 1UP

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