EA and Ubisoft Manning 7-Eleven’s Slurpee Machine


Thanks to EA and Ubisoft, drinking a lot of Slurpees could earn you some free videogames.

Anybody trying to beat the cold with a steamy, bubbling 7-Eleven Slurpee through mid-November now has the ability to win tons of different videogame prizes thanks to the chain’s Access 45 promotion. EA and Ubisoft have teamed up with the popular convenience store to offer videogames, exclusive in-game content, consoles, and even a trip to Ubisoft for a lucky winner.

7-Eleven shoppers that earn enough Slurpee Nation rewards points, acquired by entering a code from Slurpee cups on the Slurpee Nation website, can redeem them for games such as EA Sports MMA, free cars in EA MMO Need for Speed World, a PlayStation 3, and more. Rewards are added daily, but they only last for a day or until they’re sold out.

In addition, two contests are part of Access 45 that could send winners to a Strikeforce MMA event or to Ubisoft studios in Montreal to meet the designers of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. These are pretty decent rewards for drinking a cup, or I should say multiple cups, of flavored syrup and ice.

Prizes cost 2 to 1000 points, with each Slurpee awarding 1-5 points depending on its size. If you want some of the bigger prizes, you’d better get to drinking, because the Access 45 promotion ends on November 14.

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