Electronic Arts has announced Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, reviving one of its most popular real-time strategy franchises for the next generation of gamers.

Set in an alternate future created when a time travel mission by the leaders of the collapsing Soviet Union goes horribly wrong, Red Alert 3 will feature a struggle between the Allies, the Soviets and the newly-ascendant Eastern superpower, the Empire of the Rising Sun. Fanciful and bizarre technology will be available to the player, including Tesla coils, war blimps, teleporters, armored bears, floating island fortresses and more.

“It’s been too long,” said Chris Corry, executive producer at EA Los Angeles, the studio developing the game. “Fans have been waiting for a new Red Alert game for seven years, and we’re working hard to ensure it’s well worth the wait. The team is staying true to the series’ roots while adding new elements like a cooperatively played story-driven campaign, an astounding new faction that will shake up the Red Alert universe as we know it, and units that will help make Red Alert 3 everything our fans have been waiting for.”

“The Red Alert games are known for challenging hardcore strategy gamers with depth, variety and innovative gameplay,” added EA Los Angeles General Manager Mike Verdu. “But they also belong to that rare breed of games that can draw in more casual players with their over-the-top stories, instantly accessible mechanics and straight-to-the-fun design. With Red Alert 3, our team is continuing that proud tradition by introducing genre-first features like cooperative campaign play, which rewards veterans and casual players alike. In Red Alert 3, friends and family can always have your back.”

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is being developed for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. More information is available at

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