EA Brings Free Mass Effect Armor to Dead Space 3

It turns out that Dead Space hero Isaac Clarke has a more extensive military background than we thought.

There are few insignias that say “I kick intergalactic ass” more clearly and concisely than the classic N7 logo from Mass Effect. When you see someone wearing an N7 walk into a room, you just know that problems are about to be solved.

Say, for instance, you’ve got a Necromorph problem. They’re running around breaking stuff, ripping people to shreds and making life generally unpleasant in a number of different ways. Wouldn’t you rather have an N-school graduate standing between you and horrific dismemberment?

With Dead Space 3, you can! There’s a catch, of course: You have to own Mass Effect 3 and have a save file on your system. If you’ve got those bases covered, then the Dead Space 3 N7 armor will unlock automatically.

EA hasn’t revealed what sort of bonuses the free armor will provide, but I’d say that the sheer sexiness of the thing is bonus enough to make it worth wearing. Especially the red variant, which looks to me like it has a little shot of Dragon Age blended in.

The free N7 armor offer is good on all versions of the game. Dead Space 3 comes out on February 5 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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