EA Confirms 30 Games In Development For PS3


Late last week Electronic Arts confirmed wide support for Sony’s Playstation 3 and announced that it had 30 games already in development for the console.

Including eight to ten titles expected to be released by March ’07, the publisher’s strong support with its most successful franchises, plus new properties, is a good sign for the system. EA’s support during a system launch has historically been a crucial element, and can make or break a new console trying to gain or maintain market share.

According to Paul Lee, President of EA Studios, “Each game has been custom designed to leverage the hardware power of the PlayStation 3 and serve as a launch pad for EA’s next generation of HD gaming.”

Announced games include new Burnout and Battlefield titles as well as Army of Two, the complete line of EA Sports games, and numerous others.

EA already widely supports the Xbox 360, which recently helped the company see record sales with its flagship Madden franchise, as well as less strongly defined support for Nintendo’s Wii, for which the company has announced six upcoming titles.

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