EA Mocks Zynga in New SimCity Social Trailer


EA throws another slap in the battle for social gaming supremacy.

Closely following Zynga’s recent announcement of The Ville (a game drawing more than a little inspiration from Electronic Arts’ The Sims Social), EA has released a rebuttal in the form of a trailer for its upcoming SimCity Social.

The (dangerously catchy) trailer, sung in a drawl reminiscent of a pirate shanty, is full to the brim with sideways glances at Zynga. Entitled “More City, Less ‘Ville”, the video says that “There’s more to do than tend cows”, including “looting a factory or two so you can fund your unicorn ranch”.

The war for social gaming domination rages on, with both companies vying for the top spot in the lucrative freemium market. With this in mind, it can’t be mere coincidence that this comes so soon after a bunch of major revelations from Zynga, which included a social gaming platform separate from Facebook. The fact that the new trailer so directly lambasts Zynga’s games is quite jarring, though, so it should be interesting to see if the company responds.

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