A rise in PS3 sales, mixed with a drop for the 360, put the two consoles at roughly the same level.

The final quarter of 2010 was something of a landmark for EA, at least in terms of revenue. It marked the first time ever that the PS3 made EA as much money as the Xbox 360. Both consoles contributed 27% of the publishers overall revenue, representing a dramatic year-on-year increase for the PS3.

The PS3 was one of the few platforms to experience any growth over the period. Net revenue for the console rose by 19% compared to the same period in 2009, reaching $282 million. By contrast, Xbox 360 revenues fell by almost the same percentage to $285 million, putting the two consoles on a roughly even footing. Unfortunately for EA, revenues for the Wii, DS, PSP and PS2 also fell, which when totalled up, resulted in a loss for the quarter of more than $300 million.

Obviously, this is mixed news for EA. Ordinarily, such an impressive level of growth for the PS3 would be cause for celebration, but the losses elsewhere must make the news somewhat bittersweet. Hopefully, EA will be able to make back some of this lost revenue in 2011.

Source: MCV

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