EA Sports is promising more original IPs in the future, including two unannounced projects that are currently in the works.

Todd Sitrin, head of global market for the EA Sports brand, said the company was working on three original games, although only one has been revealed to the public. EA Sports has become known primarily for trading on the success of its pre-established franchises, including the Tiger Woods Golf, Madden NFL, NBA Live and FIFA games, all of which have been consistent top sellers.

“We actually have three new original IPs in development, the only one that’s been announced is Facebreaker, we haven’t done an original IP at EA for several years, not since back to Freekstyle Motorcycle,” Sitrin said in an interview with Geekpulp. “We want to create new experiences and deliver that to consumers and we’re excited about it.”

He added that EA Sports would continue to embrace more casual gaming with an increased focus on “arcade style” action in future releases. “The other thing we’re trying to do here which is different to what EA has done in the past has been a focus on the casual side of the sports experience, which is a more arcade style,” he said, citing Facebreaker as an example of an “over the top arcade boxing title… very different from Fight Night.”

The full interview with EA’s Todd Sitrin is available here.

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