In a promotion for cops-and-robbers MMOG APB, EA is inviting gamers to take control of a man and make him into their “Human Avatar.” There’s no way this could go wrong.

One of the biggest draws of RealTime Worlds’ APB is the absolutely mind-boggling character customization system. You can draw symbols and import them as tattoos, you can crank all the sliders in any direction you prefer, and yet your character will always look recognizably human.

Now, in order to promote APB, publisher EA has kicked off a mini-reality series, The Human Avatar, “inspired by the APB customization engine.” Essentially, EA will be picking one man and letting the internet decide his permanent appearance. This, by the way, is only one or two steps down from “posting naked pictures and your phone number on 4chan” as far as internet stupidity goes.

Voters will choose between dancer Jordan and free-runner Josh, and then collectively vote on the “winner’s” tattoos, clothing, haircut, and facial piercings. It sounds like an all right idea at first – I mean, these guys signed up for it, didn’t they? They wouldn’t be doing this if they weren’t willing to face the music.

But then we must remember that this is an internet poll, and this is the same internet that made the founder of 4chan TIME’s most influential person of 2009 and voted Gabe Newell into second place in a Victoria’s Secret contest.

Five bucks says that before this is all said and done, either unlucky Jordan or poor Josh will have at least three penises tattooed onto his face.

(Via CVG)

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