Not content with being one of the largest publishers in the world, Electronic Arts has announced their intent to become four of the largest publishers in the world. In a move designed to increase efficiency, EA has announced that it plans on reorganizing into four separate units – EA Games, EA Sports, EA Casual and The Sims.

EA Casual will be headed by the recently appointed Kathy Vrabeck and will cover mobile games and the Pogo brand, as well as Harry Potter and Boogie.

EA Sports will temporarily steered by Joel Linzer as EA looks for a qualified president for the strong performing EA Sports franchises.

The Sims will be headed by Nancy Smith and will produce exactly what you’d think they would.

EA Games will handle everything else from Spore to Need for Speed, proving once and for all that racing is not a sport.

CEO John Riccitiello expects the reorganization to enable “more games and services for core consumers and new gamers and better focus on operational efficiency.” The changes are expected to occur over the next several months.

Although EA stock wobbled slightly at the announcement, it quickly regained its footing in extended trading after the market closed.

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