Electronic Arts offers EA Trax on iTunes.

Electronic Arts, a game publisher known for including licensed music in a majority of its releases, is offering its EA Trax collection on iTunes. Game soundtracks offered on the iTunes store include Def Jam: Icon, Madden 2006, FIFA 2006, NHL 2006, NHL 2007, Burnout: Revenge and NASCAR 2007. All future EA game soundtracks will be sold on iTunes, and additional ringtones and licensed music will be offered on the EA Trax website.

Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Marketing at EA, commented on the company’s music offerings: “As our culture goes increasingly mobile, music fans have demanded to take our game music with them. They have been looking for a singular destination that houses all of EA’s music – and this is it. Our game soundtracks have now officially transcended their consoles. All songs, all mixes and all exclusives from all nations: if it’s in the game, it’s now available for fans to own. We consider this to be the next major step in evolving the music discovery experience.”

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