Earn Ability Points and Bonuses With Places of Power in The Witcher 3

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Upgrade Geralt early on with extra ability points and sign bonuses when you discover Places of Power. Find them all with some tips and earn an extra achievement or trophy for your troubles.

While exploring the forests of White Orchard, Geralt might stumble across special stones called Places of Power. These unique markers look like obelisks with a central glowing gem in the center. Usually accompanied by deadly creatures or monster nests, these locations give temporary boosts to one of The Witcher’s five magical sign powers. Learn how to find them all with the text tips below.

White Orchard – Places of Power Locations Guide

Places of Power upgrade one of The Witcher’s magic Signs for a total of 30 minutes.

Activating a sign for the first time rewards Geralt with a bonus Ability Point.

How to Earn the “Power Overwhelming” Trophy or Achievement

To earn the “Power Overwhelming” trophy / achievement, start from the northernmost Place of Power in White Orchard and travel south.

Discover each waypoint on your map and quickly travel to the first five locations listed below. If you can obtain bonuses to the five signs, the trophy / achievement will unlock.

White Orchard

Place of Power #1:

  • Bonus: Aard Sign
  • Location: North of The Mill, near a Monster Nest, east of the Nilfgaardian Garrison across the water.

Place of Power #2:

  • Bonus: Igni Sign
  • Location: Follow the path north of the mill and look left for a path leading it a mausoleum grave site. The small courtyard is guarded by a Wraith.

Place of Power #3:

  • Bonus: Axii Sign
  • Location: Located in the woods south of the Nilgaardian Garrison and west of The Mill. Find it north of the Sawmill, in the forest between the two vertical roads.

Place of Power #4:

  • Bonus: Quen Sign
  • Location: South of the Broken Bridge, or southwest from the Abandoned Village.

Place of Power #5:

  • Bonus: Yrden Sign
  • Location: Travel west from the Abandoned Village and enter the forest, continuing directly west as you pass the single building outside the town. Continue along the southern edge of the White Orchard map to discover this location.

Place of Power #6:

  • Bonus: Quen Sign
  • Location: Find the Ghoul’s Nest near the locked gates around the burnt battlefield. The Place of Power is located north of the nest.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Power Overwhelming (Bronze / 15 points):
    Have all possible Place of Power bonuses active at the same time.

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