Earn Awesome Cheats With LEGO Marvel Avengers Red Brick Locations

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Unlock stud multipliers, unlimited team-ups, collectible detectors, and way more with the complete list of LEGO Marvel Avengers Red Brick locations.

What are Red Bricks exactly? These hidden items provide cheats you can purchase at the Collector’s Room, found through a portal in the SHIELD Helicarrier. All Red Bricks are earned by bringing the Collector whatever item he wants in each of the story levels when you return for Free Play. Some of those red bricks are crazy expensive, but some unlock stud multipliers that stack together, making it possible to earn insane stud amounts. Collect all the Red Bricks below and never worry about cash again.

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Red Brick Collectibles Guide

Red Bricks are special collectibles that unlock unique cheat effects in the Collector’s Room. For each Red Brick found, you’ll unlock the corresponding cheat for purchase.

Cheats include stud multipliers and other sillier effects. After purchasing a Red Brick cheat, open the Pause Menu and select Extras to activate or deactivate purchased cheats.

To find this area, travel to the Helicarrier and go to the control room. The Helicarrier is located in the Manhattan Hub.

Enter the hallway on the left, then enter the portal room through the first door on the right. Hop into the portal and you’ll teleport to the Collector’s Room.

In this room, activate the center terminal to purchase Red Brick cheats. Now you just need to find them all!

Red Brick Locations

There are 15 Red Bricks available — one for each story level. After completing a level, return to it in Freeplay and use alternate characters to complete extra sections of the stage.

Red Brick #1: Struck Off The List – Part B

  • Collector Location: The Collector is located on a ledge in the upper-right corner, fly there and talk with him. He wants Baron Strucker’s monocle.
  • Item Location: There is a purple-marked vent to the left of the starting area. Use the Vision on it to reach a special console. Input the code that flashes green. Smash all the LEGO bricks and truck in the garage to find the glowing monocle in the back corner.
  • Return it to the Collector to gain the first Red Brick. Every Red Brick requires that you find the Collector, get the object he wants, then return to him. From this point on, we’ll describe where to find the Collector, and where to get the object he wants.

Red Brick #2: A Loki Entrance – Part A

  • Collector Location: Go left from the start and drop down to the floor below, jumping into the foreground, to find the Collector’s hiding spot.
  • Item Location: From the collector, fly directly up until you find a catwalk. Jump onto it and run right, then mind-control the minifig behind the glass. Get them to pull the switch. A crate will fall down with the rocket inside.

Red Brick #3: Rail Hydra – Part B

  • Collector Location: At the start of Part B, fly to the upper level straight toward the background. He’s very easy to spot.
  • Item Location: Directly beneath the Collector, hop down one level and use the terminal to the left of the door. Use the Vision to control the character behind the glass. Activate the switch and a metal LEGO object will rise up next to the Collector. Blow it up with Ultron to get the mask.

Red Brick #4: Shakespeare in the Park – Part B

  • Collector Location: Fly all the way back to the street in the background behind the park. The Collector is standing between two cars on the far left.
  • Item Location: Travel toward the foreground to the right. There is a character with a ? over their head. Mind-control them with the Vision to get the item.

Red Brick #5: Helicarrier Havoc – Part C

  • Collector Location: The Collector is right where you start for Part C of the level.
  • Item Location: Use Ultron on the blue-glowing metal to the left of the Collector. Build the hopping bricks into a drone that will automatically retrieve the card item.

Red Brick #6: Avengers Assemble – Part B

  • Collector Location: Fly up and above the cafe where the first batch of citizens need rescuing close to the starting point.
  • Item Location: Jump down to the street and move right. There’s a store with pink text and bikes out front. Use Vision’s power on the brown rubble to enter the store. The item is found further inside, past the front doors.

Red Brick #7: Earth’s Mightiest – Part C

  • Collector Location: Move left on the walkway where Hulk and Loki were fighting. Collector is waiting near the door up the steps.
  • Item Location: Enter the penthouse through the broken glass window. Fly in with Ultron and use his power on the shiny blue LEGO brick wall. The item is inside this closet.

Red Brick #8: Lack of Insight – Part A

  • Collector Location: From the start, fly right and use the SHIELD computer to deactivate the glowing blue energy field. Continue the level until you have to deal with the gold turret. Skip it, fly right and up one level to find Collector.
  • Item Location: Fly up and right from the Collector and use the SHIELD computer next to the door to the bridge. Use the SHIELD computer again with a Hydra agent like Baron Strucker to get the item.

Red Brick #9: Ready A.I.M. Fire – Part C

  • Collector Location: Past the elevator with the turn-style and green button, the collector is found to the left of the large ROXXON sign.
  • Item Location: Fly to the catwalk with the camera above Collector and switch to a character with invisibility like Black Widow. Get inside, switch back to a character with rockets or bombs and break the silver metal LEGO crate. Build the hopping bricks and flip the switch. The connected door will open. Enter it, melt the gold blockade and douse the fires to get at the item.

Red Brick #10: Lost in the Aether – Part C

  • Collector Location: At the center of the square, run straight toward the foreground to find the Collector.
  • Item Location: To the right of the collector, you’ll find a wrecked blue vehicle. Use Vision to open the trunk and get the item.

Red Brick #11: No Strings on Me – Part B

  • Collector Location: Move right and look on the floor above the bar where Black Widow and Bruce Banner are standing.
  • Item Location: Jump down and go up the steps in the background, moving left to the DJ table that glows blue. Use Ultron to smash it and reveal the item.

Red Brick #12: Anger Management – Part A

  • Collector Location: Check the foreground near the save terminal. He’s to the left in an alcove.
  • Item Location: This one is easy. Cross the bridge near the save terminal, watch the short scene with Quicksilver, and blow up the metal wall on the right side of the ship.

Red Brick #13: Korea Prospects – Part C

  • Collector Location: Move to the left from the start and toward the foreground. He’s behind a green wrecked car.
  • Item Location: To the right, use the scanner on the Avengers glow near the burger stand. That reveals the item on the canopy. Fly into it to knock it off, then switch to a nature character like Squirrel Girl to dig on the LEGO dirt to get the item for real.

Red Brick #14: Rise of Ultron – Part C

  • Collector Location: Visible to the left of the save terminal, right next to the starting point at Part C.
  • Item Location: Use a scanner on the green truck directly next to the Collector. Switch to Hulk and use the green handles that appear. Build the hopping bricks into a ramp and use Quicksilver on it. The flag item will drop into view.

Red Brick #15: Ultron Undone – Part C

  • Collector Location: After Hawkeye launches Quicksilver with their team-up pad, run toward the window in the background. Smash the crate to find a digging spot. Swap to Squirrel Girl to teleport to a new spot. Collector is standing near the doors in the background.
  • Item Location: To collect the final item, put out the fires to the left of Collector and build the hopping bricks. Use Psychic power on the crowbar with Vision or Loki to open the crypt and the skull item will pop out.

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