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Grind your gears and prepare for high scores in Transformers: Devastation with these tips, helping Optimus Prime earn SS Rank on every mission.

Platinum Games are all about character action. Stringing together attacks and dodging at just the right moment builds those points like nothing else. But we can’t all be master gamers, and if you’re having trouble pulling together enough points to unlock those SS Ranks, we’ve got a few handy tips that should make sense out of the scoring system. It’s all about points, and the three methods below are simple enough for anyone to follow.

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Easy SS Ranks Tips

Hunt down optional Missions and bring Level-Specific Weapons while attempting to SS Rank a Chapter. Too powerful weapons will kill enemies quickly, lowering your score potential.

Like other titles developed by Platinum Games, Transformers: Devastation has the requisite scoring system. Do well enough in a mission and you’ll earn the coveted SS Rank.

Avoiding damage seems like your best bet at getting a high score, but that isn’t the case. Earning enough points you’ll compensate for the “No Damage” bonus and get an SS Rank no matter how many hits you take.

Instead of mastering the combat engine, you can simply farm for points. It’s slow, but it works against bosses and any encounter. Also, don’t forget, to SS Rank a full chapter, you only need to earn SS Rank on half of the sections — you don’t need perfect scores across the board.

With that info out of the way, let’s look into some strategies for racking up huge point scores.

Method #1

To earn lots of points, equip a weak low level Machine Gun and use Reversal Headshot attacks on enemies. You’ll need to purchase this power from the store before attempting this method.

Wait for opponents to attack, then use the Reversal Headshot ability, shooting your opponents with bursts of weak attacks that earn lots of points. Dodge and aim with your equipped gun. It takes a long time to kill opponents, but time doesn’t matter.

This works on bosses too. This doesn’t work for all sections of the game. Top-down or other gimmicks don’t allow Reversal Headshot moves, so you’ll need to try other methods. But, as long as you earn SS in a majority of sections you’ll earn the rank for the entire chapter.

Method #2

Normal Reversals will also work. Enter Focus then cancel by dodging out to earn extra points. This method can take longer, but it’s easier for certain tricky missions later in Devastation.

Method #3

Combo Vehicle Rush into Vehicle Attacks over and over for high score. This works in Top Down areas, or while fighting annoying Insecticons.

Got more easy SS Rank strategies? Let us know in the comments!

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