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Optimize your Optimus Prime’s performance with these quick and easy farming strategies, guaranteed to earn fast credits or great gear for every one of Transformers: Devastation’s punishing difficulty levels.

The classic ’80s Autobots are making a comeback with this latest Transformers brawler from developer Platinum Games. The renowned Japanese studio brings some of its Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising experience to the table, but also throws a little Diablo in the mix. Getting the best gear is absolutely required if you’re looking to take on Devastation’s higher difficulty levels. So if you’re in the market for fast items and faster credits, we’ve got a couple solutions to make life easier.

Want to earn high ranks in every chapter? Learn how to get easy SS Rank in Transformers: Devastation with three simple strategies.

Best Money & Gear Farming Tricks

To make future playthroughs easier, stop and do gear farming before diving into a New Game+ on higher difficulty levels.

To prepare for farming, optimize your Autobots with T.E.C.H. slots that improve Gear Rarity drop percentage. There are items in the store that also increase drop rate for Gear or credits.

Also, purchase or collect extra Credit Scanners or Item Scanners. Use them before entering a mission to farm.

Method #1: Mission 49

Select this mission in the challenge menu. It should become available late in the campaign. This method is best for New Game+ farming.

In this level, your Autobot is stuck behind a turret while Insecticons spawns in the distance. It takes about one minute and thirty seconds (1:30) to complete the mission.

You’ll automatically collect any credits, items or consumables that drop from enemies. This is another good way to stock up on healing items without spending credits.

Keep the combo going and you’ll always earn an SS Rank on this mission. For unlocking the SS Rank, you’ll always get a random selection of bonus items or weapons.

Sell anything you don’t need for even more credits. Repeat the mission as needed.

Method #2: Mission 1

For early game grinding, there’s a place in Chapter 1 where Autobots can farm for easy gear. During the sequence where you’ll need to “uncover the cause of the disturbance in the city” you should be able to locate your first container stash.

Bumblebee will wait near a bright yellow light on the street. Ground Slam to activate it and follow the containers across the rooftop, smashing each one.

Over the roofs, you’ll find a purple light near the rubble to the right. Attack it to spawn another series of item containers. Shoot them all to get a large container reward.

Grimlock is at the end of the street. Don’t approach him! Just open the large container, get your loot, then open the “Pause” menu and select “Checkpoint” to restart the section.

You’ll keep the items you already collected, so you can run through these loot events indefinitely. Restart as often as you like, grabbing the items, weapons and credits as you go. It’s just that simple.

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Kevin Thielenhaus is a freelance writer for The Escapist. Find him on Twitter here.

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