Earn Level 99 in an Hour or Less in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD With This XP Exploit

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is finally out on PC, so a whole different segment of the gaming population can watch as their party slowly lags behind the increasing level recommendations in the main campaign. If you’re ever overwhelmed by difficult story missions or bosses and want a boost for your party, it’s possible to earn levels very quickly — if you know the trick.

By taking advantage of your chosen system’s internal clock, it’s possible to rapidly level up individual party members. The only other method, if you’re stuck in a transitional chapter or run out of time on the in-game timer, is to painstakingly grind weak enemies to build up your least favorite character. This is a straight up chore, so if you’re looking for a method to quickly upgrade weak links in the team or want to push those level limits all the way to 99, try using this easy exploit.

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Fast XP Easy Leveling Guide

If you’ve begun Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, you’ll notice that you’ve got a large party to deal with. There are many characters and alternates you’ll need to survive each mission. Whenever a character falls, you’ll have to switch in alternates to continue. If you haven’t kept up and made sure everyone is of equal level, you’ll fall prey to serious diminishing returns while trying to survive a boss battle or difficult mission.

To quickly earn easy XP, you’ll need to reach at least Chapter 2. At this point, the Arena becomes available. This area is located to the left of the academy entrance, opposite the airship dock. It can be accessed from the path in the Fountain Courtyard. Follow the instructions below to continue:

How to Use the Easy XP Method

  • Go to the Arena once it is available after Chapter 2. Inside, talk to the Info NPC on the right.
  • This opens the Secret Training menu. This allows you to send your Primary Character into Secret Training, where they will gain XP depending on how long you leave them there in real time.
  • Switch the character you want to quickly level up to your Active Character slot and use the Secret Training NPC. Save your game and you’ll return to the Title Screen. As long as you leave your system off and don’t load your game, that character will continuously gain XP. Still, that’s hours/days. Let’s speed things up.
  • Exit the game. Next, you’ll want to change the date — this tricks the game into thinking more time has passed. On PS4, access your Settings : Date and Time : Date and Time Settings : Set Manually. On Windows PC, open Control Panel : Clock, Language, Region : Date and Time. On Xbox One, set the Console to Offline Mode, Hard Reset (Hold Down Power Button) and Access Date/Time in Settings.
  • Change the time to one year ahead. Turn the game back on, load your save, and use Secret Training again. Follow the steps above, changing the time by one year each pass.

Following this method, you’ll gain 2-3 levels per character for each instance. If you’re quick, a character can level up from 1 to 99 in less than an hour.

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