Earn Scrap the Easy Way in Mad Max With This Exploit

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Scrap is everything in Mad Max and if you’re hungry for more, check out a few strategies to load up on cash with our list below — including one exploit that’ll give an unlimited amount of this valuable resource.

At the very start of Mad Max, his iconic car is stolen by another cruel wasteland warlord. Instead of getting it back, Max sets out on a quest to build the Magnum Opus, a super car with customizable parts and a plethora of upgrades. To upgrade this beauty of engineering, Max needs lots of scrap. To help with that process, we’ve got two great ways to earn fast scrap, and one exploit.

Easy Scrap Farming

Infinite Scrap Exploit

To earn infinite scrap, you’ll near to enter Pink Eye’s domain. From this stronghold, travel north to find a wastelander that tells Max about epic jump locations. He’s found in the ‘Heights’ section of the map.

Go to the northwestern-most Legendary Encounter jump point in the ‘GrandRise’ area. Make the jump and land on the small encampment across the gorge. There’s a tent with a locked box full of scrap here.

What makes this crate of scrap different? It has an infinite supply. Keep using the crate to collect another 50~ scrap, you can take as much as you want.

But, once you leave this area this crate will no longer function. This is your only chance to get max scrap.

Scrap Storms

If you’re caught in a storm, don’t take refuge! Instead, look for flying crates of scrap tumbling across the wasteland. These containers, once smashed, provide three boxes of scrap with 100 per box.

That’s a total of 300 easy scrap. It takes a little time to find, but there’s virtually no risk. Just watch out, if you break a crate still caught in a storm, all that scrap gets caught in the wind too.

Scrapulance Hijack

Can’t find scrap? Take it! Scrotus’ scrapulance convoys usually have some serious protection, so don’t take them on without extra shotgun shells.

Make sure you don’t destroy the scrapulance itself. Blowing it up nets Max less than 50 scrap, while an intact scrapulance delivered to a stronghold garage, you’ll earn 200-300 scrap.

Take out the side doors and kill the driver, then swap cars to get the full scrap reward.

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