A totally new addition to Splatoon 2, now you can earn more G, more XP, and more rewards in general with food truck tickets, and we’ve got locations for these bonus items found throughout the story mode.

Food Truck Tickets aren’t guaranteed to be in every level, but every once in awhile, you can stumble into one in a pretty secret spot. There are four different types of food truck tickets, and redeeming the tickets at the food truck in Inkopolis will give you a variety of limited-time bonuses. You’ll earn more XP rewards or more G after every ranked, league, or turf war battle.

Get your own story mode food truck tickets with all the locations we’ve found so far.

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Food Truck Ticket Locations | XP Bonus Guide

Right when you hop into Inkopolis, look directly behind you to find the Food Truck. Here, you can exchange tickets for limited-time bonuses, giving you 50% more XP or other handy rewards.

Tickets can be earned a variety of ways, but here we’re sticking with just the story mode locations. Throughout the levels and even in the areas outside the levels, you’ll be able to collect food truck tickets.

Area #1: Tentakeel Outpost

N/A – No food truck tickets are in this area.

Area #2: Suction-Cup Lookout

Food Truck Ticket #1 [XP]: Suction-Cup Lookout Overworld – On the tall brick platform that leads to the tower with the Level 6 entrance, look down at the back wall to spot a catwalk with a crate that contains your first free food truck ticket.

Food Truck Ticket #2 [XP]: Level 5: The Octopark ~ Stay on Your Grind ~ Ride the twin ink grind rails after the third checkpoint to the totally optional raised platform on the left, at the end of the path, and break open the tiny crate to discover this very useful ticket.

Area #3: Beaker’s Depot

Food Truck Ticket #3: Octoseeker Shakedown ~ A Midnight Stroll ~ When you reach the Octoseeker area with the un-inkable floor and the launch pad in the back-right corner, bait the Octoseeker to slam down and climb onto the top so you can reach the tall pillar.

Food Truck Ticket #4: Level 14: Parking Garage ~ Drive to the Finish ~ Climb up the first two bridges with the buttons you activate with ink, and you’ll enter an area with pathways around a central tower. On the first two large un-inkable blocks, there’s a crate with this handy ticket. Circle the key vault and use the car to squid-jump to the blocks.

Food Truck Ticket #5: Level 15: Octoling Assault ~ Pump Track It Up! ~ The food truck ticket is found near the Mini Zapfish in the back-left corner from your spawn point. Go to the back left and smash the pair of crates opposite the Mini Zapfish container.

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