Earn the Speedreader Trophy in Gone Home With All 24 Collectible Locations

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The critically acclaimed indie Gone Home has finally landed on consoles. It’s all about exploration and discovery, but if you’re looking for help earning one of it’s trickiest trophies, we’ve got some tips that’ll make earning the ‘Speedreader’ trophy a cinch.

Gone Home, originally released in August of 2013, went on to kick off a new indie boom that lead to more amazing adventure games with deeply personal storytelling. There are no weapons or scares in Gone Home, just you, an old house, and plenty of story to uncover. Before diving into the ‘Speedreader’ trophy or achievement guide, we suggest playing through the adventure once and soaking in the atmosphere. When you’re ready, and have some time under your belt, then come back and check out this method to finish the whole thing in ten minutes or less.

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All Journals & Secret Diary Locations

To unlock the ‘Speedreader’ trophy or achievement, the player needs to find all 24 collectibles and complete the game in 10 minutes or less using no modifiers.

Use the locations below and remember the locations for a second playthrough to make this trophy / achievement super easy. Goodluck!

Collectible Locations Guide

To enter the house, open the cabinet on the porch and look behind the rubber duck.

  • Journal #1: (1F Front Hall) To the left of the front door, look on the table against the wall next to the bathroom.
  • Journal #22: (1F Front Hall) Look at the bare wall to the right of the stairs going up. There is a secret passage here. Grab the key inside.
  • Journal #2: (1F Left Hall Closet) Past the bathroom on the left, enter the hallway and look in the first closet to your left.
  • Journal #3: (1F Left Hall TV Room) Continue down the left hall and enter the next door on the left. The journal in the TV Room is on the media cabinet, to the left of the TV set.
  • Journal #4: (1F Left Hall Music Room) Down the hall toward the basement, enter the room on the left. There’s a closet here with a journal attached to a hanging jacket.
  • Journal #5: (1F Left Hall Drawer) Past the Music Room but before you reach the basement stairs, look in the bottom dresser drawer.
  • Journal #6: (2F Hall Cabinet) Between the stairs and Sam’s room, there’s a cabinet in the hallway. Look on the lowest shelf.
  • Journal #10: (2F Sam’s Room) Enter the combination (0501) into the green locker in Sam’s Room to get the basement key and a photo attached to the inside of the locker door.
  • Journal #7: (2F Bathroom) Across from Sam’s Room, enter the bathroom and grab the red hair dye next to the bathtub.
  • Journal #8: (2F Painting Room) Past Mom and Dad’s Room, enter the room with the canvas and look in the center drawer against the back wall.
  • Journal #9: (1F Library) Enter the closet in Mom and Dad’s Room and look at the blank wall at the far end. There’s another secret passage here! The path leads down to the library. In the back right corner, there’s a wood panel that can be removed.
  • Journal #11: (Basement) Leave the library and return to the locked basement door. Look on the covered round table with boxes on it. There’s a pink note here, near a couch covered with a white tarp.
  • Journal #12: (Basement Furnace) Turn left as you enter the room with the furnace. Against the wall opposite the furnace you’ll find a box with an entry on it.
  • Journal #13: (Basement Old Staff Room) Behind the furnace you’ll find an old servant room. The set list is taped to the wall straight ahead of the door.
  • Journal #14: (Basement Back Room) Past the Servant Room, there’s another door with a desk covered in stacks of newspaper straight ahead. The postcard is on this desk.
  • Journal #16: (1F Right Hall Secret Passage) Continue through the back room and look behind a moved cabinet. There’s an old passage leading upstairs into an old hidden area. There’s a table here with a tape recorder and a note.
  • Journal #15: (1F Right Hall) Across from the secret passage in the right hall, look for a couch next to a window. There’s a small corner table next to the couch. Close the folder in the left corner to find the collectible.
  • Journal #17: (1F Right Hall Dining Room) On the corner of the dining room table, look for another multi-color folder. This time you’ll want to open it to find a school note inside. Look at both slips of paper.
  • Journal #19: (1F Right Hall Kitchen) Across from the Dining Room, look in the Kitchen and look on the table to get this note.
  • Journal #18: (1F Garage) The Kitchen is connected to the Garage. Go inside and look at the bicycle. There’s a hat hanging off the handles.
  • Journal #24 – Secret Diary: (1F Garage) Go to the garage and look in the blue recycling bin for can. Take one and look in the rafts very close to the Garage entrance door. There’s a small purple basketball stuck up there. Throw a can to knock the basketball down and take it instead. Return to Sam’s Room upstairs, close the door, and throw the purple basketball through the basketball hoop attached to the inside of her door.
  • Journal #20: (1F Right Hall) Past the Kitchen and to the right of the bathroom, there’s a window against the end of the hall. Look to the left and beneath the window to spot a false wood panel, already open and with the collectible ready to take.
  • Journal #21: (1F Right Hall Green House) Go through the laundry room and into the green house. There’s a map to the right of the back door. This map would originally reveal one of the hidden passages described above.
  • Journal #23: (Attic) Go down the 2F hall to the area with the hanging red lights. Pull down the attic stairs and look on the sleeping mat to find the final journal page.

To complete the game, move down the attic hall to the table in the back corner. Use the green notebook to finish things up. If you can manage to do all that in ten minutes, you’ll earn the ‘Speedreader’ trophy or achievement!

Unfortunately, there’s no time to listen to the audio if you want to earn this little reward, so we recommend you return after experiencing the story first.

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