Earn XP Fast & Finally Find Those Ice / Fire Types With The Pokemon GO Summer Event


Enjoy more XP, more Pokemon, and cheaper Lucky Eggs in Pokemon GO during the Summer event. Get all the details for the leaked event right here.

Pokemon GO has been pretty quiet lately, without any major updates since the previous Spring event. But, if you’re interested diving in for more augmented reality Pokemon GO hunting, for a full week in June, trainers can unlock tons of bonus rewards and find increased Pokemon spawn rates.

The details for this upcoming event were leaked by Team Eevolution on Twitter. The event is coming soon, so be prepared to take advantage of all these extra Fire / Ice Pokemon spawns. T

Fire & Ice Event – Everything You Need To Know

The Fire and Ice event starts on 6/13/17 and ends on 6/20/17[/b]. If you log in during that time, you’ll find lots of bonus rewards

Here’s everything you need to know about the event, presented in bullet-point form:

  • More Fire and Ice Types!
    • Fire-types and Ice-types will spawn more commonly. That includes: Vulplix, Charmander, Ponyta, Houndour, Swinub, Sneasel, Cyndaquil, Growlithe, Magmar, Cloyster, and all their evolutions.
  • More XP For Poke-Throws & Hatching
    • When catching Pokemon, you’ll get huge XP bonuses for Nice, Great, Excellent, First, or Curveball throws.
    • You’ll also gain bonus XP for hatching eggs.
  • Lucky Eggs Are Cheaper In-Game
    • The in-game shop offers Lucky Eggs at a 50% discount during the event.

Ice-type Pokemon (in the Northern Hemisphere) are seemingly impossible to find for many of us, so this is a pretty awesome chance to finally catch an Ice-type or two.

So, why is this a Fire and Ice event, if it’s for the Summer? The developers at Niantic are actually celebrating the start of Summer and Winter — Summer in the northern hemisphere, and Winter in the southern hemisphere. Pokemon GO is celebrating wordwide!

No new items or customization has been announced for this event quite yet. We’ll update this article with any new additions when we know more!

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