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Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga Netflix Documentary Has Very r/WallStreetBets-Looking People

Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga Netflix Documentary release date September 28, 2022 r/WallStreetBets WSB Robinhood

Remember when GameStop (and AMC) nearly upended the entire financial market, forcing The Escapist to actually write about the stock market? Well, there was quite the desire to make some movies/shows out of it, and now the first one, coming from Netflix, is here. Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga landed its first trailer, showing off a Netflix documentary series about how a then little-known subreddit triggered a domino effect that obliterated the stock market and how “the man” ostensibly but probably not really seemed to respond by shutting the market down.

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The Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga trailer actually looks pretty fascinating as the documentary dives into how a group of random people basically took on the stock market industry and almost toppled it, sticking it to hedge funds who had bet against the GameStop stock price by making it soar higher than it had ever been. I am in no way actually qualified to comment on any of it, but our own Adam Adler did a deep dive into it all.

What I am qualified to talk about is just how much nearly every r/WallStreetBets person in this trailer looks exactly like you’d expect an r/WallStreetBets person to look, starting with Captain TrackSuit McHairyChest in the preview image. It will be interesting to see how the series ends up portraying them, though the general slant seems to be towards a positive one.

It should be noted that Netflix describes this as a “lively” and “comedic” docu-series, meaning it’s leaning into this as more of quirky thing that happened more than a really serious thing. Here’s the official description with lots of quotation marks thrown in:

Executive produced by Emmy and Academy Award-winning filmmakers Dan Cogan and Liz Garbus, this lively, comedic documentary series captures the wild ride of a group of misfits who banded together online to rescue GameStop, a company they loved when they were kids. Coalescing on Reddit, TikTok and Discord, they capitalized on a new age of investing with their thumbs to thwart Wall Street’s cynical ploy to burn the company down. By sending shares “to the moon,” these millennials felt they could stick it to the man, once and for all. But can “the little guy” ever truly win against Wall Street? As the resulting market frenzy pitted legions of amateur traders against hedge fund bigwigs, it became a viral David vs. Goliath story for the ages. With exclusive access to key members of Reddit’s wallstreetbets community who fueled the short burn movement, alongside everyday people who hitched their wagon to the GameStop train and luminaries of the financial world alike, Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga offers a humorous look at the unlikely cast of characters who brought about the latest seismic shift in how the world’s money behaves.

The Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga documentary lands on Netflix on September 28 and will feature three 40-minute episodes.

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