The Entertainment Consumers Association has issued an “action alert” over the recent proposed legislation that would force retailers to conduct identification checks before selling M and AO-rated games.

Announced early in May, the “Video Games Ratings Enforcement Act” before Congress would see any retailer who failed to check a buyer’s identification for compliance with age restrictions hit with a $5000 fine. The bill would also require all retailers to post an explanation of the ESRB rating system in their store.

The action alert, reported by GamePolitics, allows people to send an email to their Congressional representative urging them to withhold support for the bill. The form letter notes that the ESRB is already doing a “great job” of regulating the industry and empowering parents, and also points out that numerous previous attempts to regulate access to videogames have been struck down as unconstitutional, at great cost to taxpayers.

“HR 5990, the Video Games Rating Enforcement Act, is another Congressional attempt to unconstitutionally regulate the sale of video games. If it’s passed, the federal courts will find it unconstitutional – and at great expense to taxpayers,” the ECA said on its website. “By raising our voices now, we can let Congress know that we, as taxpayers and constituents, would rather they use their time and our money to discuss more pressing issues such as the war in Iraq, universal health care and the national economy.”

To view the action alert in full and take part in the ECA’s campaign against the bill, check out the ECA’s website.

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