Echo Bazaar Introduces Devious and Dastardly Pets


The award-winning browser game is getting an overhaul and a few new friendly faces.

Greetings, delicious friends! Loyal players of Echo Bazaar, the Victorian-era browser game, will be excited to hear that Failbetter Games is introducing 12 new pets to Fallen London, a world already awash with sulky bats, lucky weasels, fairly tame spiders and similarly offbeat English cuteness.

The new pets, which include a Hungover Terrier and a Subtle Mole, will land this week, and is part of a much wider overhaul of the entire game. The upcoming update includes a new interface, social cliques to join and betray, and a crafting system that conceals sparkly nuggets of story.

To celebrate, Failbetter has announced a “Festival of Endless Actions”, which in practice means it’s removed the daily turn limit cap.

Part choose-your-own-adventure, part free-to-play social game, part novel, and part squid, Echo Bazaar is a favorite of ours here at The Escapist. The writing is particularly engaging, and though you’ll need either a Facebook or Twitter account to play, it’s not obnoxious about notifying your friends whenever you do anything. If you’re interested for a unique browser game experience, you can check out Echo Bazaar here.

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