The next Deus Ex is just the first part of a new Universe.

Eidos Montreal is working on the next entry in the Deus Ex series for PC and next-gen consoles, the studio confirmed today via their community blog. According to the post, written by studio chief David Anfossi, production is already underway with most of the team behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution returning to work on the sequel.

The next Deus Ex will kick off an “ongoing, expanding and connected game” called Deus Ex: Universe. The developer says the multi-game experience will span “a generation of core games” on PC, consoles, smartphones, tablets, along with other media including books and graphic novels.

Eidos also released a single piece of concept art to set the stage for the next game. Seen above, the image depicts a “ghetto-city” that separates trans-humans (cyborgs) from others. It appears that, in the time since Human Revolution, there’s been a strong backlash against getting cybernetic enhancements. Eidos claims that “trans-human segregation” is “the backdrop” for the upcoming game.

Eidos says that the new Deus Ex is a long ways off, so don’t expect a big announcement any time soon.

Source: Eidos Montreal

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