Eidos Montreal will take the wraps off its mysterious “second project” on May 11 and speculation that it will mark the return of Thief continues to strengthen.

The latest edition of Edge Magazine, released on May 3, includes a recruitment ad for Eidos Montreal featuring the Deus Ex 3 logo as well as a banner at the top of the page promising, “Second Project Revealed on May 11.” Eidos Montreal has been promoting the unnamed game for several weeks now, dropping hints along the way that it will in fact be a new Thief project.

One intrepid internet sleuth has dug up yet more evidence that the new game will have players racing across rooftops and gliding through shadows. The ad bills the game’s predecessor as a “GameSpy Hall of Fame” title as well as on GameSpot’s “Great Games of All Time” and “Ten Best Heroes in Gaming” lists; according to the quick-thinking GameSpot forum poster, the only franchise that appears in all three of those lists is Thief. Making the case even further is the fact that not-quite-completely concealed underneath the headline banner promising the announcement are a few points of what appears to be stylized lettering that just happen to correspond almost perfectly with the Thief title logo.

Of course, it could all be a ploy, a bit of horribly cruel misdirection to sharpen the impact when a non-Thief announcement is made. But would Eidos really be so heartless? We’ll find out next week!

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