Eidos Trademarks Kane & Lynch 2


Eidos has made the Kane & Lynch sequel official with their trademark for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

Even before Kane & Lynch became synonymous with stinky editorial practices in games journalism, it already had a sequel coming. “We’ve already got Kane & Lynch 2 in production,” then Eidos CEO Jane Cavanagh said in 2007. “Which just goes to show the belief we have in it as a long-term franchise.”

Who knows if the Kane & Lynch 2 recently revealed in an Eidos trademark filing is the same one that Eidos had been planning way back in the days when they seemed to think they had a surefire blockbuster on their hands, but it’s coming anyway – Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Yeesh, first they were Dead Men and now they’re having Dog Days? No wonder those two dudes look so damn pissed off in the box art.

The trademark was filed on July 8 and recently updated yesterday, and is due to be examined by an attorney who will no doubt give it the okay stamp. If the game’s been in development for this long, it should have no problem making a release date to coincide with the upcoming Kane & Lynch movie, which will star Bruce Willis (as Kane or Lynch, I’m not sure) and reportedly start filming later this year.

I sort of enjoyed the first Kane & Lynch, which I played just to experience what kind of game could get one of the top men in this racket fired, but I can’t recall ever wanting a sequel. There was a lot of squandered potential with the first game, sure, but do any of you care about this franchise anymore?

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