This unique duo of a piano and sax player will have you enjoying your NES games like never before.

If you can get through the two guys talking during the first 15 seconds of this video, an idea that is genius awaits. Sorry, guy-on-the-right, but you should think before saying “Let’s roll the tape, yo.” Anyway, these two fellows are Scott Bradlee and Ben Golder-Novick, also known as “Eight Bits of Jam,” and they’re incredibly talented if this video is anything to judge them by. They will come to your house, or party, or bat-mitzvah, or wedding, or whatever you’ll presumably pay them for, and play piano and sax versions of your NES music as you play the actual games on mute.

Sound boring? Watch the video. They don’t simply play a song from beginning to end as you play, they play the actual music that would be played on-screen, even through transitions, in their own style. This means that if you go down a pipe, they immediately change to the underground-in-a-pipe song from Super Mario Bros. If you’re on the slot-machine screen in Super Mario Bros 2, they play that theme music. Hit a P-block in Super Mario Bros 3 and they play that intermittent music as well. Get the idea?

Not only is this a really clever idea, but the guys are really talented musicians based on this video. If I didn’t think it’d be weird to have two guys sitting next to me jamming out as I die over and over in Mega Man 2 I would hire them right away. For a special event, these guys are no-brainer hires.

Also, is it just me or is that the Nintendo version of Final Fantasy II at the end? Pretty obscure, unless I’m missing something, considering that the game was never released in North America on the NES. This gives them street cred! If you want to hire them, contact information is in the video, or you can try visiting

(Via: Retroist)

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