AGD Interactive is ensuring that adventure game fans can experience the third King’s Quest title in the 256-color glory of VGA.

The King’s Quest series is classic adventure gaming at its best, but going back to it as a modern gamer can be tough due to some rough visuals and gameplay mechanics. Thanks to AGD Interactive, adventure game fans have been able to play high quality remakes of both King’s Quest I and King’s Quest II (plus Quest for Glory II), and AGD has recently announced that a similar release of King’s Quest III is imminent.

AGD’s King’s Quest III: Redux will feature hand-painted backgrounds and character portraits, an improved soundtrack, and full voice acting that even includes Josh Mandel, the original voice actor for typical King’s Quest protagonist King Graham. The fan project is also said to continue a new subplot AGD included in its remake of King’s Quest II.

Given that AGD’s works are fan projects, they can be downloaded for free on its website. The remakes have nothing to do with The Silver Lining, which is a fan project that continues the story of King’s Quest after King’s Quest VIII.

For adventure game fans, King’s Quest is like a history lesson you just can’t miss. There’s really no better way to experience the first two games than through AGD’s remakes, as they make King’s Quest‘s early entries more palatable by including an optional “no dead-ends” mode and tightening up some puzzles and plot. Unlike I and II, King’s Quest III doesn’t follow King Graham and instead focuses on a boy named Gwydion in a faraway land. However, as you play, a connection to Graham and the land of Daventry is discovered.

King’s Quest III: Redux has been kept as an underground project for years so it wouldn’t tease fans, and to avoid questions about its release date. AGD plans to release it in February. For those hoping for a similar treatment of King’s Quest IV, AGD has sadly revealed that it isn’t going to happen because the studio is moving on to commercial development. Dead-ends and cheap deaths will remain in future King’s Quest entries, but they’re just part of the series’ incredibly frustrating charm.

For more information, check out the King’s Quest III: Redux website here

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