Elements is a Pokémon and Zelda-inspired open-world RPG Kickstarter game that is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Elements Taps Zelda Actress for BotW & Pokémon-Inspired Co-op Adventure on Kickstarter

Elements is a Pokémon and Zelda-inspired open-world RPG Kickstarter game that is coming to PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. In addition to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pokémon, the relatively small team at Wreckit Games says that games like Minecraft and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt also played a part in its development. The game’s Pixar-like art style, meanwhile, takes after films like Onward, while its magical world might be reminiscent of Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away.

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Elements aims to be a mix of many different projects. However, creative director and programmer Devon Parsons says he started working on the project for one simple reason: He wanted to make a game he could play with his kids. That foundational idea means that Elements will feature co-op gameplay in addition to solo play, so players can join up with a friend to complete quests, farm, fight, craft, and explore the world of Elemythia. Take a look at a teaser of what’s to come in the trailer below.

With such a heavy focus on gameplay, you’d be surprised to learn that Wreckit has put quite a bit of thought into Elements’ story. We don’t know too many details, but the team boasts that its narrative was created with the help of an Academy Award-nominated talent who has “written many classic animated films for Disney.” That writer will apparently be revealed at a later date.

That said, we do know that one of Elements’ leads, Nyah, will be voiced by Patricia Summersett. The casting is perfect considering its inspirations, as Summersett is best known for voicing Zelda in the English version of Breath of the Wild. Learn more about Nyah’s story in the narrative synopsis below:

On a night seemingly like any other, Nyah and Beckett are awoken by a powerful storm. The Elemental Chaos on Earth has reached its peak. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Although they are unsure if Nyah and Beckett are ready, their parents know tonight they must start their quest.

Eight Legendary Stones of great power wait to be found by Nyah and Beckett in a mystical realm called Elemythia. These stones offer one last hope to rid the planet of this Elemental Chaos once and for all.

The game Elements completed its $14,950 funding goal in just under 12 hours, with the total amount funded at $107,793 as of the time of writing – and there are still 18 days to go. With the project fully funded, some stretch goals promise additional features that are on the way, including fishing, Orc enemies, mythic weapons, and an enhanced magic system. If the $135,000 goal is met, a Journal feature will be added, and at $150,000, players can look forward to a Scythe weapon type. If the Kickstarter campaign surpasses those numbers, more stretch goals will be revealed.

Kickstarter backers who pledge at the CA$40 “Alpha Wolf” tier or above will be the first to play Elements when its alpha game build launches Q3 2023. Those who commit at the CA$27 “The Game” tier won’t be able to play until early access comes to Steam sometime in Q2 2024, with the 1.0 PC version following in Q2 2025. Console versions will then finally launch in Q4 2025.

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