Elite: Dangerous Launch Trailer Brings Glamour to Space Piracy


Dead. Miners. In. Spaaaaace!

Elite: Dangerous is set to launch on December 16th (for those not beta-ing away at the moment), so we were due for a launch trailer this week. It’s important to note that the trailer does not use in-game footage, although the pre-rendered scenes look pretty slick.

The launch trailer and forthcoming space MMO/shooter/amalgamation of cool is the end result of two years of public development. The Kickstarter campaign went live in November 2012, with a successful completion the following January. Roughly USD $2.5 million was raised in the two-month endeavor.

When the retail release of Elite: Dangerous goes live next week, every player (new and returning) will be given 1,000 credits from the start. And if you’ve been an alpha and/or beta participant these last few months? All of your in-game progress will carry over — no data wipes in sight.

Our own Elite: Dangerous review will be up in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled if you haven’t yet taken the space smuggler’s plunge.

Source: YouTube

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