End It All in Dying Light: The Following With This Secret Easter Egg Ending

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Searching for a cure in Dying Light: The Following isn’t exactly easy. You’ll have to win the trust of a suspicious cult and fight an endless supply of zombies. How about just blowing everything up instead. That option is totally available to you in this amazing, and explosive, Easter egg ending.

Don’t worry, we won’t spoil the story of The Following here. Although there are multiple endings to the main plot, this particular conclusion is completely unrelated. Players can access this Easter egg early in the country side location. All it takes is knowing exactly where to go and what to collect. There are three hidden items required to unlock this ending, but it is worth it just for the absurd bluntness of the solution.

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The Following – Secret Easter Egg Ending

This totally optional and completely destructive secret ending can be earned once you’ve reached the main area of The Following.

That’s right — no missions required. But you will need some secret hidden items to complete every step and earn the ending.

Go to each marked location in the gallery above to follow the step-by-step guide below.

  • 1. Check your map and travel to the tiny series of islands far off the eastern coast of the map.
  • 2. On one of the rocky outcroppings, you’ll find a supply crate. Dive under water nearby to spot another crate sitting on the sea bed. The Nuclear Codes document is found inside. Grab it.
  • 3. Next, travel to the dual open warehouses in the grain silos facility where train tracks cross. The Behemoth monster is located here. Enter the warehouse and grab the Military Transport Key from the container against the walls.
  • 4. Travel to the lake at the massive dam. At the center of the water, you’ll find a dead military body laying face down. Interact to move it and take the Military Activation Key.
  • 5. Now go to the two-lane road heading north/south on the eastern side of the map. This road is northwest from the town on the shore. Travel along the road to discover a military research caravan similar to the one used by Dr. Zere.

Once you find the military convoy, you can now use all the items to get inside. The Military Transport Key is used on the card-reader to the right of the entrance door. Go on inside and insert the Military Activation Key on the computer in the back right.

Finally, use the Nuclear Codes on the bomb itself. That’s right, you’ve just brought nuclear armageddon to the countryside. That’s one way to solve a zombie infestation.

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