Endling, Herobeat Studios, HandyGames

Endling’s new announcement teaser trailer reveals developer Herobeat Studios and new publisher HandyGames will bring the game to all platforms.

Herobeat Studios’ partnership with HandyGames will allow the team to bring its desperate group of foxes together for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players.

First footage for Endling was revealed late last year, where it depicted some of its environmentally friendly themes. Endling’s Steam page says to expect 2.5D sidescrolling, exploration, “emotionally taxing” decision-making, and survival gameplay. Additionally, players should probably expect some stealth segments thanks to the hazmat suit-wearing enemies that are patrolling through the game’s dark world.

Those interested in the project should check out Herobeat Studios’ Twitter, as the page is filled to the brim with development updates and footage of some of the obstacles the family of foxes will overcome on their journey.

If the game’s first footage and somber music weren’t enough to make things clear, Endling is focusing on a firm pro-environment stance. Extinction is forever, and it is up to players to keep the mother fox and her pups out of harm’s way.

Endling has a 2021 release window listed for now, so keep checking in as the release window narrows down.

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