Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Previewed, Quake Film Hinted At


A staffer with interviewed Todd Hollenshead and Paul Wedgwood, the heads of id Software and Splash Damage, respectively, about the upcoming team-based multiplayer title, Quake 4: Enemy Territory.

According to the developers, a major feature of the game is a multi-tiered gameplay approach, which is designed to allow for broad appeal and easy accessibility to uninitiated gamers, as well as the complex features craved by the hardcore following.

This is apparent in the mission system, which dynamically alters the gameplay and provides mini-objectives to players that help the overall team achieve core mission goals.

Another concerns vehicle controls, said Wedgwood:

“The vehicles are really easy to control, we have a newbie driving mode so that if you lose contact with the ground whilst trying to turn left then the wheels won’t lock up and the car will carry on trying to go the way you obviously want to go. But turn on the advanced vehicle controls and it’s like turning off digital stabilisation in a car and you can do a lot more stuff with it.”

The massive textures employed in the game, apparently up to 3GB in size, will not inhibit customization, as included tools and source code will guide modders, the developers said.

The interviewer also stumbled across some hints that a Quake 4 movie may well be on the drawing board.

Hollenshead mused, “Well, Hollywood’s a funny place and always wants to know what you’ve done for them recently. We’d only be ten percent of the way there if we sold the rights to somebody interested in it. I think when Enemy Territory comes out it’ll provoke a lot of interest but we still own the rights for now. There could be a Quake movie and you’re spot on in that we’d want to base it on the Strogg/Human conflict.”

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