Imagine the surprise on North American gamers’ faces when they fired up The Witcher Enhanced Edition on their PC for the first time this week and started gleefully dismembering foes only to realize something was dreadfully, horribly – even heinously – wrong.

For all of its additional quests and other improvements, the North American version of the game’s enhanced re-release lacks one vital ingredient: blood and gore. Such things are requisite in a game constructed heavily on a foundation of violence, fantasy creatures, and – lest we forget – excessive amounts of extremely hetero fornication with all manner of maidens.

Speaking to Shacknews today, developer CD Projekt’s marketing VP Tom Ohle said they’re working on a patch to fix the problem. There will be blood ASAP, and Ohle said they “Spent a year making the game perfect and someone forgot to include one file that turns blood on.” To be fair, the game does include some blood, he said, but only in the most minimal amounts.

The lack of blood has apparently been a shock to players systems. “It looks ridiculous, when I’m impaling an enemy and slitting his throat without a splatter of blood. It’s really distracting,” says one irritated NeoGaffer.

The blood shall surely again be spilt.

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