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Take a break from Oryx’s intense raid with this Easter egg room in Destiny: The Taken King. No surprise reveals, extra lore or bonus loot here. This extra room is all about the dunks.

Recently revealed by Destiny’s delirious fan base, this secret room is hidden in The Taken King exclusive King’s Fall raid. Hoping for another secret mission or secret weapon, the fans found — well, learn a little bit more about it with the location guide below.

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King’s Fall Raid Secret Basketball Court Easter Egg

Yes, the hidden room in the King’s Fall Raid is Oryx’s Basketball Court. There’s a Relic inside, and a “hoop” to dunk said relic. Dunking that relic lights up a pip inside, and six total dunks rewards your team with a free Overcharge for your troubles.

So, what does all this mean? Not much. According to a tweet from Bungie Creative Director Luke Smith, “Oryx’s Basketball Court is a fun Easter Egg the team put together. It’s just a place to Dunk like your neighbors 8 ft rim. No loot to find” So, that clears up one mystery.

How to Find Oryx’s Basketball Court

Knowing about this secret is one thing, but finding it for yourself is a lot trickier. Let’s try to break it down right here.

Destiny Taken King Secret Room Map
  • 1. Past Golgoroth, you’ll enter a chasm-like chamber with huge pushing pistons. Just as you step in the area, take the right path. There’s a pillar, and behind that pillar is a locked door.
  • 2. To open the door, locate six lamps in the piston area. They’re black lamps, embedded all around the area. There are six pistons — that’s six pistons for six players.
  • 3. To activate the inactive piston and open the locked door, you’ll need to jump to the six lamps and activate them in a specific order. They’re activated when you get near.
  • 4. Each lamp has a certain number of spikes near it. That’s how you can differentiate each one and follow the order; either 165243 or 416523. Both sequences will work.
  • 5. A piston near the entrance activates if the sequence is properly input. Either use this piston to launch yourself across the chasm to the secret room door, or Nightstalker your way across. Landing near the door will spawn new platforms, giving your team easy access to the court.

To make things easier, check out the simple map by u/darksplaze

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