Entertainment Media Council Looks to the Future of the Industry


A new association known as the Entertainment Media Council was announced today, offering support to entrepreneurs and business leaders in the ongoing development of the interactive entertainment business.

The Entertainment Media Council will focus on a wide range of topics relevant to the game industry today, including entrepreneurship, social responsibility, environmental sustainability and ethical standards and guidelines. The Council also hopes to bring together interactive entertainment industry leaders in a diverse network of professionals that can meet and adapt to the challenges and demands of the future.

“With interactive entertainment in the midst of a sea change, the need for a navigator is more pronounced than ever,” said Entertainment Media Council President and CEO Morgan Ramsay. “We are embarking on a mission to solve the most challenging problems facing the industry today.”

While industry trade groups already exist, most prominently the Entertainment Software Association, the Entertainment Media Council has been established in support of different aims. The ESA supports the industry in political and public affairs needs, while the EMC will offer support to its members as they push the boundaries of interactive entertainment outward with mentoring and coaching services, the establishment of ethical standards and guidelines, and by facilitating entry into the videogame business.

“Our primary aim is to support the strategic, operational, and ethical development of interactive entertainment ventures in the United States,” he continued. “We will provide entrepreneurs with access to experienced mentors, publish breakthrough thinking, cultivate a culture of social and environmental responsibility, expand the depth and breadth of available talent, and resolve the issues that are critical to the successful conduct of global business.”

Along with Ramsay, the Entertainment Media Council Board of Directors includes Webwars Inc. CEO Cindy Armstrong and NCsoft General Counsel Matthew J. Esbr, while the EMC Advisory Group includes The Escapist’s very own Alexander Macris. For more information, check out

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