Potluck Games Epic Dice: Tower Defense is an instant Kickstarter success thanks to epic monster battles and competitive tower defense gameplay.

When we think of tower defense games, massive sets of dice probably isn’t what comes to mind. That’s something Potluck Games hopes to change with Epic Dice: Tower Defense, a strategy-based competitive dice game that can be completed in 20-40 minutes. Building on the monster-fighting mechanics of Potluck’s Dungeon Dice, Epic Dice adds strategic elements as you pit hordes of minions against an opponent’s defenses. It sounds simple enough, but fans are so enthusiastic that they’ve surpassed Epic Dice‘s Kickstarter goal in a mere 12 hours.

In Epic Dice: Tower Defense, each minion, structure, and spell is represented by an individual dice on the battlefield. Every round, players spend gold to construct towers, hire minions, and prepare spells before sending waves against the enemy towers. Minions that surpass a tower’s strength destroy it, while minions below the tower’s strength are removed from play. If all towers all destroyed, the attacking player can then roll for victory points to win the game.

A big part of Epic Dice‘s appeal is that each dice is treated like an in-game unit. Every tower and minion type enters play as an individual dice, letting you quickly see the full scope of your resources. What’s more, each minion’s strength and special abilities vary by class – Epic Dice will include goblins, zombies, orcs, trolls, and even an oversized dragon dice. More spells, minion types, and additional dice will be unlocked as stretch goals as the campaign proceeds.

Whether you’re a fan of dice games, tower defense,or unique monster combat mechanics, Epic Dice: Tower Defense has lots of potential. The campaign will run for another 35 days, while the finished game has a planned release in Summer 2016.

Source: Kickstarter

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