Non-Wii-owners hoping to get their hands on Warren Spector’s reimagination of Mickey Mouse are out of luck: Despite rumors, the “Epic Mickey” project is a Wii exclusive after all.

Yesterday, we reported that sharp-eyed gamers had noticed that the text describing the “Epic Mickey” project as a Wii exclusive had quietly disappeared from the Game Informer landing page, leading to speculation that the title might be headed to other platforms as well.

As it turns out… nope. The text had been pulled, but it hadn’t been done to hint at the game’s platform of choice. Rather, the GI staff had been hoping to formally announce that tidbit of news once the actual issue hit stands this Monday, explained Andy McNamara.

We were trying to save this nugget for when the magazine hits this coming Monday, but it seems the rumor mill has gotten out of control and it is time to put it in its place. Disney Epic Mickey is indeed a Wii Exclusive. If there is another version in the works out there for another system, we certainly aren’t aware of it.

So we can let all the “Game Informer got it wrong” stories sleep. But since we tortured you a bit, we figure we owe you at least one nugget of goodness. If you look closely at the cover on this post, you can see a small figure peeking out – we can confirm that that is indeed Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and that he plays a major part in the story of Epic Mickey.

The revelation that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is on the cover artwork dovetails nicely with the leaked information, and McNamara teased an “amazing” update to the landing page to come tomorrow.

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