Epic Games President Dr. Mike Capps says that E3 might very well hold something “exciting” for fans of the Gears of War and Unreal studio. Care to take bets?

VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi caught up with Epic’s Dr. Mike Capps on the red carpet for the Interactive Achievement Awards, and the brief two-minute conversation was enlightening.

There’s some very interesting information there about how Capps believes companies can create and continue blockbuster franchises like Epic’s own Gears of War: “Taking it seriously. With so many videogames, you’re not thinking about, ‘How can this be a movie, a comic book, a novel, how do I get action figures?’ You’re thinking, ‘Oh jeez, how do I get this done in time for Christmas?'”

But as intriguing as it is to hear the man talk about building a franchise, particularly with a company as relatively small as Epic, perhaps the most scintillating tidbit comes at the very end. “We’ve got some news to share soon.” When asked if Epic had a new game in the works, Capps responded with a grin, “We might have a new one coming. I think E3 is going to be really exciting for fans of Epic.”

Any bets? I’m thinking of something that starts with “G.”

And it ends with “ears of War 3.”

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