Epic Shows Off Unreal Engine 4’s Tricks in New YouTube Video


Epic shows off some of the tools now available to the public through Unreal Engine 4.

If you’re curious about some of the tools you can use in Unreal Engine 4 now that its publicly available, Epic Games has just released a video showing off some of the engines features.

Zak Parrish, senior technical writer for Epic Games, goes through the basics of placing objects, setting up lights, and tweaking the properties of different textures. He even uses the engine to have his character take off in a UFO and smash the Unreal logo to pieces. Another segments, at around the 6:00 mark, shows how in-game materials, like wood, ice and metal, react differently to a player hitting them with fire and water.

Parrish ends the video by showcasing a short movie made by some of Epic’s artists in the Unreal Engine. The clip shows a couple of sci-fi style soldiers in what looks like an abandoned subway tunnel duking it out, complete with intricate martial arts moves and chunks of scenery being broken off during the fight.

The whole video’s worth a watch if you’re interested in game design or are looking to dabble in the Unreal Engine. The subscription to use the engine is $19 a month.

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