From Mad Max: Fury Road to Fifty Shades of Grey, relive the year’s best (and worst) movie trailers.

Star Wars. Jurassic World. Ex Machina. Goodnight Mommy. There were a lot of fantastic trailers that stood out from the pack this year, even if some of them managed to ultimately outdo the actual movies they were previewing (looking at you, Age of Ultron).

Thankfully, Youtuber Sleepy Skunk is here to give us a little refresher on all that 2015 had to offer via this gargantuan, beautifully-edited supercut.

Featuring clips from over 150 movies (I think, I stopped counting eventually) that lit up the big screen this year, the “2015 Movie Trailer Mashup” is a must-see if you happen to be a fan of supercuts, video editing, or short-term nostalgia, so check it out, then head over to Skunk’s Tumblr page for the entire list of movies featured in the mashup.

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